Globis Inc., incorporated in 1997, is Philippines leading innovative and experienced provider of color management solutions for diverse fields of applications where color is critical to the success of their brand, identity and business. Its market leadership lies in the successful implementation of its projects and customer satisfaction generated. The company strongly believes in building strong relationships with their customers, thus the statement "your color solution partner" is stressed in our daily business undertaking. Globis segregates its color management solutions into 2 major areas of emphasis, (a) Graphic Arts, Digital Imaging & Printing, and (b) Industrial Color & Appearance.

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Globis provides training on all levels. We can train operators on technical aspects, from the basics up to advanced level. ◄ READ MORE ►


New developments in technology are forcing printing companies to move to the next higher competitive level or be out of business. This eventually spurred an even greater demand for new knowledge to adapt, utilize and deploy new graphic arts technology to produce printed matters since it usually will require new workflow and process changes within the organization where know-how is insufficient for this change transition.


We believe training of the operating force is necessary for companies to improve their performance. However, it is important for graphic art companies to realize that training should not only be limited to the operators but should also be propagated to the management level so that people from different levels of the organization are attune to the production processes involved. With proper training and education, it brings about not only improvement in quality of the job but also better interaction among peers.