Sefa Rotex Auto Swing GPX Sefa Rotex Auto Swing GPX
Sefa Rotex Auto Swing GPX Sefa Rotex Auto Swing GPX

Sefa Rotex Auto Swing GPX

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SEFA Transfer press ROTEX AUTOSWING GPX, transfer surface 40 x 50 cm.

Manual transfer press with an electromagnetic automatic swing-away opening. The press opens automatically after the pressing process and swings away 90° to the right. It also has a heating plate with a nonstick coating. The base plate (PLA-DRY) is optional but is perfectly suited for the fixing of pre-coating for direct printing. Due to a reinforced heating power this press is designed for serial production with short pressing cycles. There are 5 programmable presses you can choose and save and a counter that keeps track of your production.

- 2 years guarantee on the machine.
- 10 years guarantee on heating element.
- Standard plate (40x50cm)
- Complete lateral clearance for the plate.
- Optimum distribution of pressure and heat.
- Strong chassis, parallel movement of the heat plate
- Evolved electronics
- GPX Version of 3200 W
- Ideal for medium to advanced production.
- Manufactured in France

Plates Sizes 400 x 500 mm
Weight 58 kg
Pressure 420 gr/cm²
Max Temperature 220°C
Power Supply 230 V
*110V on request
Electric Power 2500W (3200W for GPX)
*2000W (110V
Amperage 11 A /15A for GPX
*15A (110V

Sideway slider
Sideway slider
Increase productivity with a moderate investment.
Disposable curved heating support
to transfer on caps.
Table TAB-PRO2-EXT :
Strong support table, perfect for Sefa presses
With retractable extensions on each side
Plates kit PLA-7A
Plates kit PLA-7A
Set of 4 plates,
Useful for precise work.
120x80 mm - 150x150 mm
120x450 mm - 250x300 mm
Laser CROI-158
Laser CROI-158
Position exactly your transfers with a greater precision
Cover HOU-50
Cover HOU-50:
Hight temperature resistant NOMEX®
Softer and gliding surface to easily put your textile on the plate.
Protecting the foam as well.

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