Sefa Slide 1280 Sefa Slide 1280
Sefa Slide 1280 Sefa Slide 1280

Sefa Slide 1280

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Sefa Slide 1280 Pneumatic Heat Press

Application examples
* Sports goods.
* Advertising, flags, banners, accessories.
* Large photos, posters.
* Transfer on Hard Substrate
(ceramic, aluminium, plastic, wood...)
* Textile : home finishing, apparel, curtains…
* Awning

High thermal efficiency.
- Ideal for sublimation with good productivity and flexibility.
- Fast startup ! (15 to 20min)
- Plate 120 x 80 cm rectified hight quality aluminium (other dimensions to be confirmed)
- Multizone temperature control to prevent defects on the sides of the plate
- Perfect heat distribution
- 2 years guarantee on the machine.
- Manufactured in France.

Plates Sizes 120x80 cm
Weight 300 kg
Pressure 3000 daN
Max Temperature 220 °C
Power Supply 400 V
Electric Power 12 KW
Amperage 20 A
Max tickness of materials 50 mm
Air consumption per cycle (2 bars—8 bars) 13—52 liters
Control Panel
Electronics developped by Sefa. From 0 to 30 min (precision +/- 1%)
From 0 to 260°C (Precision +/- 1%)
Temperature rising time from 0 to 180°C : 15 mn.
- Very accurate and fast regulation (PID control) for a wide range of heat transfer products
- Advanced settings :
* 5 pre-recorded programs
* Reset counter
* Double timer
* Energy saving.

Table TABL-97 Strong support table.
Sideway slider Improve your production cycle with this accessory, it will allow the operator to prepare new items while the machine is pressing. Ref :
CT850 for P850PS
CT1050 for P1050PS
CT1250 for P1250PS
CT1070 for P1070PS
Combine the slider and the table to install your large format press these elements have been designed specifically to fit and work well together.

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