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SpectroDens is your all-purpose, modern measurement device for every application from pre-press to print.

Spectro-Densitometer SpectroDens
All colors under perfect control

SpectroDens is your all-purpose, modern measurement device for every application from pre-press to print. Whether it be in pre-print for verifying proofs, for ongoing quality control at the printing press, during delivery inspection of paper and print products or in a color lab, SpectroDens is exceptionally suitable, whatever your application.

It combines the qualities of a highly accurate spectophotometer and an easy-to-use densitometer. Measurement is spectral, i.e. the entire color information, the spectral fingerprint of the color, is precisely registered.

The device works strictly according to the standards valid for the Graphic Industry. It is particulary good at evaluating the Ugra/FOGRA-media wedge because it toggles between colorimetric measurement without polarization filter and density measurement with filter at the push of a button.

The Windows software SpectroDens Connect supplied with the instrument clearly displays measurement data collected from the USB-port on the computer screen.

Technical Specifications
Measurement technology: Spectral remission measurement and color density determination to ISO 5-3/4
Measurement geometry: 0/45° optics to DIN 5033
Spectral range:> 400 to 700 nm in 10 nm steps
Measurement aperture: 3 mm round standard
1,5 x 1,5 mm, exchangeable (accessory)
Light source: LED
Polarization filter: Twice linear crossed,
Switched on and off per button release
Measurement time: Approximately 1 second per measurement. 8 seconds in scan mode
White reference: Absolute and relative
Absolute white standard integrated and protected in charging console
Illumination types /Standard Observer: A,C,D50,D65, F 2/7/11 / 2°, 10°
Density filter: DIN 16536, DIN 16536 NB, ISO/ANSI T, ISO/ANSI I, ISO E, Dmax (Advanced and Premium models only)
Density measurement range: 0.00D – 2.50 D
Repeatability: 0.01 D
0.03 CIE dE*a*b*
Inter-instrument agreement: 0.01 D
0.3 CIE dE*a*b*
Display: Color LC backlight display, 320 X 240 pixels
Power supply: Rechargeable NiMH battery, regulated recharge via charging console with A/C adapter, 100 -240 V,47-63 Hz,
Up to 10,000 measurements per battery charge,Battery level control
Communication-Port: USB; WLAN module option
Weight: 480 grams
Dimensions: 190 x 65 x 55 mm (approximately 2.6 X 2.2 X 7.5 inches)
Accessories: Small apertures
Print control strip TCS Film
Print control strip TCS Digital
System requirements for software Windows XP, Vista 7 or 8; 32- and 64-bit, minimum: IBM-compatible PC with Intel Core Duo processor or comparable processor, 1 GB RAM, 2 USB ports

The SpectroDens is available in 3 different versions.

Techkon SpectroDens Basic

  • Automatic measurement
  • Density CMYK
  • Reference measurements
  • Dot area, dot gain
  • Gray and color balance
  • Ink trapping to Preucil
  • Print contrast

Techkon SpectroDens Advanced

The Advanced model comes with all the functions of the SpectroDens Basic model such as Automatic Density, Density CMYK, Print contrast, Gray and color balance, and Ink trapping to Preucil. The SpectroDens Advanced also is equipped with these features additionally.

  • Printing Curve
  • Spectral density for spot colors
  • Trend Function ExPresso mini
  • Slur/doubling value
  • Dot area to Yule-Nielsen
  • Ink-Trapping to Brunner and Ritz
  • Density Spectrum
  • Remission Spectrum
  • GrayGuide according to Gracol G7™

Techkon SpectroDens Premium

The SpectroDens Premium Plus has all of the features of the traditional SpectroDens and more!

  • High resolution color display.
  • Optional Wireless communication of measured values to the PC running Techkon SpectroConnect software using standard WLAN network protocol (WiFi).
  • Ability to scan single or multiple row color bars up to 8 inches in length. There are four tracking wheels on the bottom of the instrument.
  • Measured colors are visually and numerically displayed on the instrument.
  • New LED light source offering a nearly unlimited lamp life span.
  • LED light source supports M0-M3 measuring conditions in accordance with ISO 13655 enabling accurate measurement of print substrates that contain optical brighteners.
  • Smaller and more ergonomic.

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