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A Scanning Spectrophotometer. A Ruler for Color Quality. A Tool for Printing Process Control

What does ColoRuler do?

  • The ColoRuler scans a color bar on press sheets automatically.
  • Improves efficiency and decreases waste of press.
  • Simple and meaningful display for press operators.
  • Makes press diagnostics easy.
  • Direction connection to the world's best color analysis platform.
  • Plug and play setup in 20 minutes.

ColoRuler scan track harware specification
Color bar requirements Minimum patch size 5mm x 5mm, maximum bar length 1040mm
Paper positioning Floating paper stop, suction positioning.
(Compressed air vacuum converter included, without vacuum pump - Optional)
Computer Built-in microcomputer, with Windows 10 operating system
(Wireless mouse and keyboard included, does not include the display monitor - optional)
Size and weight 1500mm L x 240mm D x 110mm H 13kg
Nozzle Configuration Color and Monochrome; 800 nozzles x 10 channels

ColoRuler measurement head specifications X-Rite i1Pro X-Rite i1Pro2 Konica Minolta
Measurement light source Gas filled tungsten Gas filled tungsten LED
Measurement spectral range 380~730nm 380~730nm 380~730nm
Geometry 45°/ 0° 45°/ 0° 45°/ 0°
Measurement conditions M0 M0 M0/M1/M2/M3
Measurement mode Motorized spot and scanning Motorized spot and scanning Motorized spot and scanning
Illumination spot / aperture size 3.5mm / 4.5mm 3.5mm / 4.5mm 3.5mm / 4.5mm
Minimum patch size 5mm x 5mm 5mm x 5mm 5mm x 5mm

Color measurement & data analysis software designed to improve work efficiency

With the industry’s progression towards standardization, automatic color measurement device for print sheets became a crucial instrument in the press room. PrintMeasure is a precise and easy-to-use software, which is combined with a variety of automatic scanning spectrophotometers to form an automatic print color tracking system. It is used to monitor the quality of the print production and press status, accurate and fast detailed data records, easy to follow up.

PrintMeasure Software features Pro CR
Basic Feature
Multilingual - English, Traditional / Simplified Chinese
Simultaneous processing working job
Support CMYK & spot color up to 16 print units
Delta-E calculation formula - CIE76, CIE94, CIE2000, CMC
Import ICC profile
Automatic color bar detection
Custom color bar and reference
Display features
Density per ink zone
Relative to aim point density per ink zone (Delta density)
Dot gain curve
Delta E analysis
Detail data display - Spectral curve, L, a, b, C, h Dv, Dc, Dm, Dy
Full color bar display
Full color bar display
OK sheet compare display
Measurement features
Comparison of single-point and multi-point measurement
Manually spot measurement
Spot & long color bar auto scan - ColoRuler
Spot & long color bar auto scan - Techkon SpectroDrive
Long color bar auto scan - X-Rite IntelliTrax
Data analysis/export & reporting features
Export to standard data (eg. ISO 28178 / InkZone XML)
Point system for print result
Corresponding other software and synchronization (eg. PressSIGN / InkZone)
OK Sheet point system
Custom point system
Special Features
Best match density and average density setting

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